The PCSO Presidential GOLD CUP embodies the Thrill of Horse Racing

As the most awaited event in the local racing calendar, the coveted Presidential Gold Cup title is sought after by the best athletes in the industry today. It also remains the most popular event among the Bayang Karerista. The Gold Cup was founded through the efforts of the late PCSO chairman and manager Nereo Andong back in 1973, with Sun God owned by Don Pedro Cojuangco ruling the inaugural race.

Since its establishment in 1934, the PCSO has been a strong supporter of the local horse racing industry. Apart from the Gold Cup, it also sponsors year-round horse races that contribute to the uplift and advancement of the sport.

PCSO takes pride in honoring the President with a very special event that will feature the new crop of horses that are currently dominating the racing scene. This race has gained tremendous prestige, which has become the definitive championship for elite local-bred horses.

PCSO Presidential Gold Cup Winners

Presidential Gold Cup List of Champions

2019 SUPER SONIC Jessie Guce
2018 SEPFOURTEEN John Alvin Guce
2017 DEWEY BOULEVARD Patricio Dilemma
2016 LOW PROFILE Mark Alvarez
2015 DIXIE GOLD Patricio Dilemma
2014 HAGDANG BATO Jonathan Hernandez
2013 PUGAD LAWIN Patricio Dilemma
2012 HAGDANG BATO Jonathan Hernandez
2011 MAGNA CARTA Jessie Guce
2010 YES POGI Manolito Daquis
2009 DON ENRICO Fernando Raquel
2008 IBARRA Kelvin Abobo
2007 NATIVE LAND Jessie Guce
2006 REAL SPICY Jessie Guce
2005 SPEED ADVANTAGE Fernando Raquel
2004 EMPIRE KING Jeffrey Ladiana
2003 RED STAR RISING Manolito Daquis
2002 FREE WIND Joe Noel Camu
2001 WIND BLOWN Patricio Dilemma
2000 WIND BLOWN Dominador Borbe jr.
1999 HOBBY Ramon Guce
1998 REAL TOP Jesus Guce
1997 BULLDOZER Joe Noel Camu
1996 BULLDOZER Joe Noel Camu
1994 CROWN COLONY Antonio Alcasid jr.
1993 FAIR START Elpidio Aguila
1992 GRAND PARTY Guarino Infantado
1991 BALATKAYO Joe Noel Camu
1990 SUN DANCER Eduardo Domingo jr.
1989 SUN DANCER Eduardo Domingo jr.
1988 THRILLER Gerardo Biazon
1987 TIME MASTER Eduardo Domingo Jr.
1986 MUSIC MACHINE Rizalito Agustin
1985 HEADMASTER Andres Camba
1984 DINO BAMBINO Eduardo Domingo Jr.
1983 SKYWALKER Elpidio Aguila
1982 FAIR AND SQUARE Jesus Guce
1981 FAIR AND SQUARE Jesus Guce
1980 RED ANNIE Jesus Guce
1979 HONOR ROLL Francisco Fernando
1978 GYPSY GREY  Eduard Domingo Jr.
1977 LITTLE MORNING Andres Camba
1976 FIORELLA Jesus Guce
1975 HENNAS GOLD Andres Camba
1974 ILOCOS KING Cresencio
1973 SUN GOD Elias Ordales